Dublin Pre-Purchase Building Survey Report

When you are purchasing a home in Dublin, it is important that you get an Independent Professional with an Un-biased Opinion on whether or not your home has any defects in order to safeguard you in your purchase. If you were to purchase a car, you would have a mechanic check it out before you handed over your hard earned cash.  Similarly, when purchasing your new home, be it a new or second hand property, a pre-purchase building survey is highly recommended.

Our architects, during their complete and detailed inspection, check that everything in your new home is functioning satisfactorily.  Our architects then prepare a complete Pre-Purchase Building Survey Report. 

 The Pre-Purchase Building Survey Report covers areas such as:

  • Surveying Your Prospective New Home Completely, our survey covers both the exterior and interior elements of the building.
  • Checks for the level of insulation within the property.
  • Inspection of any evident cracking.
  • Ensuring your Electrical Supply, wiring, circuit breakers etc. is up to specifications.
  • Check of ventilation within the property.
  • Any signs of damage to timbers.
  • Check for dampness or  water damage to the property.
  • Plumbing & Heating checks, ensuring that there are no leaks and that all pipes and heating controls etc. are in working order.
  • The condition of the cold water storage tank, the hot water cylinder and the emersion, and what level of insulation is present.
  • Fire proofing & Fire separation between neighbouring properties.
  • Inspection of boundaries, driveways, garden walls etc.
  • Visual inspection of drainage (gullies/access junctions/manholes etc.).
  • Any issues that warrant further examination by a specialist.
  • A check for extensions or any  changes to the new property that may require Certificates of Compliance from the person selling the property.
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The Pre-Purchase Building Survey gives clear, considered and reflective practical advice.  Our architects will explain everything you need to know about your new home ensuring that you have all the information possible in relation to the property to make a sound and informed decision, before buying. Don’t make your biggest purchase your most costly mistake.

Having a Pre-Purchase Building Survey carried out by an Independent Professional as early as possible in the buying process can save you thousands of euro on issues which you may be able to have the vendor or builder rectify.

Why Choose ”Clarke Construction” for your Pre-Purchase Building Survey?

Here’s the answer…..

  • Our thorough Pre-Purchase Building Survey will mean that YOU won’t get stuck buying a Money Pit without being forewarned.
  • Our Sole Objective is to ensure that you, the home owner, are provided with Independent Professional Advice to allow you make the best decision and protect your long term interest, preferably before you make your investment.
  • Our detailed Pre-Purchase Building Survey Report can literally save you thousands of Euros should a previously unknown serious defects come to light during the Pre-Purchase Building Survey.  This may enable you to renegotiate with the vendor or in some circumstances pulling out of the purchase altogether.