House Extensions

Extending your home can increase your houses resale value as well as give you extra living space or additional bedrooms. A house extension, for most people is one of the biggest projects you will ever undertake in your home. For that reason it is absolutely critical that you get it right.

At Clarke Construction, we have a proven history of working with clients to bring their Dublin house extensions to a very successful finish.

Some points to be aware of when planning a home extension are:

What roof structure and finish will you use for your home extension?

For Example:

  • Do you want a flat roof construction and use fibreglass/pvc?
  • Would you like a pitched roof or Mono Pitch (Lean To) roof with tiles/slates.

What insulation are you going to use?

  • Are you going to use external wall insulation?
  • Do you want to use internal Thermal Boards? What size? 27mm – 112.5mm available..
  • A combination of both?
  • Are you going to try get a grant from SEAI? Which we can assist you with.

Positioning Your House Extension

Assuming that you have enough space at the side or back of your house, a side or rear extension may be an ideal choice.

Some things you need to consider when choosing the positioning of your house extension are:

  • Will your extension be in the shadow of an existing house at certain times of the day?
  • If your house extension faces North, will you require additional insulation?

Clarke Construction are experienced Dublin House Extension builders with many years experience so we can answer these questions and provide you with expert advice.

When you choose Clarke Construction to build your house extension you are are choosing one of Dublin’s most experienced building companies with a reputation for excellence in service.

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Planning permission for Your House Extension

We can organise an architect to draw up detailed house plans and arrange planning permission.

If the extension you wish to build is quite small, there is the possibility that no planning permission will be required. We will be able to advise you on this

How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

The cost of a house extension depends on many things such as the size and type of your home extension, building materials that you would like to have used and other factors. We can provide you with a free no obligation consultation on the cost of your house extension.

These sections above are just some of the items you should discuss with any builder prior to work commencing.

At Clarke Construction we have developed and now have a close working relationship with:

Various Architect Firms: (To ensure you maximise the use of your space and get the perfect design for your house extension)

Quantity Surveyors: (Who would work in tandem with ourselves to ensure you get a project your happy with for the budget you have available)

Structural Engineers: (To ensure that each individual aspect of your house extension is designed and signed off on by the relevant professional)


So at Clarke Construction we try to offer the client the complete house extension  package. This ensures that you have one point of contact and not 4 or 5 which for most people can be a bit overwhelming. By allowing us to project manage your house extension or home renovation, be it small or large, we guarantee to deliver! 

To get a quotation for your House Extension please contact us in Dublin today on 1890 911 007 or contact us online