Attic Conversions

attic conversionsAttic conversions can be one of the most cost effective ways of generating more space within your home. Depending on the dimensions you have available to you, they are ideal for additional bedrooms with or without en suites, offices, play rooms etc.

Attic conversions are relatively straight forward to do, so long as you have an experienced builder with good carpenters carrying out the work. It is critical that the structural integrity of the house is maintained at all times. Both while the work is being carried out and after the work has been completed. We would highly recommend having an architect sign off on any alterations made to an attic to ensure that all building regulations have been adhered too.

Depending on the roof structure you have, attic conversions can vary in complexity. For example:

  • If you have a truss roof, which effectively means a roof that has been manufactured off site and lifted into place. These can be more time consuming and costly to carry out.
  • If you have a hipped roof construction which effectively means a roof that slopes down to the gutters on 3 sides, it can mean that head room left after the conversion has been carried out can be limited. Depending on the size of your attic. There are obviously solutions to this.
  • One of those solutions is to fit dormer windows which generally speaking will require you to apply for planning permission. As will any Velux windows you wish to fit at the front of your property.

We pride ourselves on being able to run through all of these potential obstacles will potential clients and find solutions, not problems.